Cean's Event - Stories after stories

    • Cean's Event - Stories after stories

      Since the new Island was conquered, many forgotten legends about this island were spreaded across Iberia.

      The island was filled with secrets, that even the mightiest priests couldn’t solve. Both nations were scared, that their citizens will ask questions, to which there were no answers.
      They did not want their populace to remain in fear, especially not their soldiers, who were preparing to fulfill the challenging quests on the forgotten island.
      Strange events were happening. The people who were searching for clues, to explain the strange occurences did not want to go to the island anymore.

      “The island is something daunting to our citizens, but there is no sense for fear. Kreia created her mystical tower to protect our nations. These towers are stronger than any creature.”
      “The island should fear us!”
      After weeks, both kingdoms managed to take their citizens under control, and calm them. The people slowly regained their trust in their nations but their stories about the island were told, and they will remain for an eternity.

      What is your story?

      Story Telling Competition
      What legend did you hear about the Forgotten Island? Write it down in 200 words. The coolest stories will receive a price! Your story should contain creative information about the island (f.e how it was discovered, etc.)

      - Your story has to be in english, grammatical mistakes won't be counted as long as they don't affect the readability
      - Around 200 Words.

      Send your Story in an email to [email protected] as an attached document file (do not copy-paste the story directly into the mail). The file should contain the Name of the Event (2020 Writing Competition) + Your ingame name.
      Send us the story until the 01.09 to our email!

      Winner - You get to pick 2 skins, 1200ms and 4000bp
      2nd - You get to pick 1 weapon skin, 1 armor skin, 900ms and 3000bp
      3rd - You get to pick 1 skin, 800ms and 2000bp
      Thus I clothe my naked villainy
      With odd old ends stolen out of holy writ,
      And seem a saint, when most I play the Devil
    • Howdy Valued Community!

      I'll be now announcing the winners of the event: Stories After Stories!
      First of all I want to *thank everyone that did participate*.
      I hope next time we'll have more participants! Many stories were nice, some stories had nice concepts, some stories weren't really stories, but overall I can say our community has an incredible talent for story-making!

      Choosing the 2nd and 3rd place was not easy cause both the stories were really nice!

      The winners are:
      1st Place: Lena89
      2nd Place: Glenkyo
      3rd Place: Tontolone

      To all the winners, please make a ticket to receive your rewards!
      In the ticket specify the skins (Skin name or Screenshot) you want!

      Kind Regards,
      your 4Ancient Team