Magic defense

    • Magic defense

      I Think you should add more magic defense for physic classes.. warrior with +21 eq got less than 1k def with buff and archer / nw even less.
      You may noticed everyone is nowadays mage/priest ofcourse some archers and warriors and lil bit nightwalkers.
      It's honestly just stupid that mage can kill warrior with shield and buffs and +21 eq by +18 rod or less.
      So what i'm saying add more magic def for physic classes ( NOT MUCH ) but just enough to make pvp balanced.
      Reckless pot and +21 Richie sickle is enough to fuck anyone no matter of equipment. even if the attacker Is evo.
      Just pissing me off that about 60-70% using mage because it's just op class atm change my mind please.
      Suggestions only, add more magic def for phys classes, it has no sense that archer/nw has to do 10 attacks to kill mage but mage only 3 attacks to kill them??
      where is the balance please tell me my dear GM or Jirkus