server feedback

    • server feedback

      just 1 word : G A R B A G E

      the server atm is boring as fuck, it took almost 2 years to add no miss on arena and make some class changes, non existent admins and syntax , events failing and no response whatsoever or very very late responses from the team (not to blame gms and such , fault is probably from admin side) tbh i feel bad for the staffers take all the blame while is afk not having a care in the world about his own server, so many empty promises about patches and shit and still absolutly nothing, theres 0 content on this game, ever since i started playing which was nearly 2 years ago the only thing they added was crypta which is the most bugged place in fcking iberia and now no miss on arena but hey fuck it right we got some new sick mounts and some sick costumes for 20 euros ea hehe boi
      its just tiring after almost 2 years and little to no changes , i hope the new players are feeling good and happy with the server although it wont last long , enjoy while u can
      i will be back when n gets his shit together and im pretty sure im not the only one thinking like that
      this wont reach i will get banned soon but he wouldnt see this anyway he is too busy sipping margaritas with syntax on their private island bought with moonstones
      Aravi snack
      Fearu nuub
      Hunter 10-0 every class u idiot
      Kill willco he is afk eating chicken
      Araya u got a pet lama OH YEAH YEAH
      Hi my name is Pascal (sorry for bad English)…lmvgWA?view_as=subscriber

    • The thing is, i like Ancient!
      but laerze, you talk the truth...
      They need more inovation around the team & gamecontent.

      Every time one is excused with an event if something does not work, although something would be easy. The server needs more innovation and more content. Everywhere there are bugs that got fixed every other server. Just read it to be a gor-patch or something main thing you do not stand outside the tw stupid and let the balls wobble.
      If the server soon brings nothing new, the server will be dead faster than you can see.

      Sorry for the truth 4Ancient..
      But thats the truth..