Resurrection scroll nerf

    • Resurrection scroll nerf

      In my opinion resurrection scrolls should be nerfed. Let me explain why!

      Firstly it provides strategic tools. If you use it, you don't have to run all the way to the fight, you can resurrect in location. This is especially great in territory wars and in open world pvp. There is no problem with this feature of the resurrect scroll, maybe it's even beneficial because it allows more pvp.

      The problem is that resurrection scroll provides COMBAT advantages as well. It allows someone to get back in fight IMMEDIATELY with full health, full mana and invisible. Many people abuse it. They go in, suicide, stun a lot of people in the process, die, resurrect and kill the opponents that they stunned. It's especially deadly on warrior and mage. There are occasions when you outplay an opponent, kill him but you use all your cooldowns in the process and he just comes back immediately and kills you. Sometimes it's not even worth to kill an opponent because he will certainly use resurrection scroll which removes all his stuns and he can kill you immediately after, making you lose your buffs, etc. Sometimes it's just better to leave him stunned. It also has great synergy with the invi/suicide playstyle that causes so much tensions in the community.

      Let's list what this one scroll provides:
      - Undetectable invisibilty for 10 seconds (maybe more, I don't know the exact numbers), close to the opponents.
      - Heal for full health and full mana. Even cash potions don't give this much healing.
      - It removes all crowd control effects.
      - It also acts like an antidote.

      How it should be nerfed? There are many ways. For example players could resurrect with 30% health and mana like in every other case in the game. So that immediately attacking after being killed is not beneficial. Or there could be a block so that players can't attack for 10 seconds after using resurrect scroll. Simply increasing the cooldown of the scroll is not the right nerf because it doesn't solve the issue that this game mechanic is totally unbalanced.