Few things to make 4story PVP better

    • Few things to make 4story PVP better

      1.) Remove teleport scrolls - completely ( I mean seriously it's still in game and is usable during the combat? C'mon )
      2.) Set invisibility after using teleport to 3 sec ( You dont need more time to decide if you want to port again so those "players" wont use that invisibility to their advantage. )
      3.1) Remove old crypt and add new one ( Have you ever tried to play in that crypt with evocator? )
      3.2) I know u have something prepared for us in 1.8 but put in that crypt monsters that drop some valuable loot as we've seen it on other servers ( orks, those christmas something ) and are there all day long so it will create nice pvp zone
      4.) Fix win + L ( I mean quit game is ok but you shoud be killed and loose some honour, cause ur puss... )
      5.) Make assist system so people wont hunt last bit of hp like morons ( For real I'm sick seeing that pillar of lava )
      6.) Make evade target to be 100% successful ( I mean, how can u even miss evade? Weird metrix )
      7.) Make ardir great again

      See ya.