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    hello, i try to log in to my account after a long time but it says that my account is blocked??

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    i cant start the game when i open the game i take the message like please uptade your driver to newest version

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    clicking connect just closes the window

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    cant open the game i have win10, rtx3050ti, amdryzen7 5600H, directx12, antivirus and firewall are off

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    hi my game cant start i dont have anti virus or defender pls heeelp

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    server off?

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    Hello i have problem ti connect, when i press connect the game close and nothing happen can someone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks

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    hello, I need help logging in to the account, the game needs a verification code to be sent to the email but the code does not arrive, the code came to the second account, I tried changing the email but it didn't help. I haven't played for 10 months, I'm back in the game and thank you for the advice and answers.

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    Can someone help me please, when I press connect the client will close and nothing will happen, I don't have an anti-virus and I closed Windows Defender, please guys I want to play with u :(

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    Gibt es eine liste von upcoming events? Evtl wie damals mit 80% mehr gold drop / 250% itemdrop aus dung 75/ 2b?

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    I think the past 59 quest is bugged...i have to kill sarabat but he is no where to be seen..he just doesnt spawn and i looked for him for like 40 minutes

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    Gdzie znajdę spolszczenie? Nie tylko mowy NPC tylko napisów

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    Mam problem podczas logowania pisze że wersją jest zła a wcześniej działało

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    Hello , if i try to log in it always say i have the wrong Version of the game

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    Hello i have problem hack shield pro wont load 1/10 and nothing im wait 10/20 min but nothing what is a problem?

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    Hey! I Have problem with patch. Everything loading normally and then stuck in 1 moment. Any ideas how could I fix it ?

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    hi, i decided to come back to this game after like 10 years of break, should i choose valorian or derion? which one is more crowded?

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    hello i have problem i open game load to 61% and 4ancient crash game closed why?

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    Same problem here. I made new account too and i could log in but keeps disconnecting due to network error on my main account

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    i have problem witch login to game [01:36] Hello, I have a problem with logging in. When I try to log in, a window pops up in which I write that due to an error in the network I was disconnected from the server and I can not enter, and when I entered a new account, I can and am logged in normally. Please help me quickly. [01:36] my nick Baku1995pvp

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