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    hi, i decided to come back to this game after like 10 years of break, should i choose valorian or derion? which one is more crowded?

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    hello i have problem i open game load to 61% and 4ancient crash game closed why?

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    Same problem here. I made new account too and i could log in but keeps disconnecting due to network error on my main account

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    i have problem witch login to game [01:36] Hello, I have a problem with logging in. When I try to log in, a window pops up in which I write that due to an error in the network I was disconnected from the server and I can not enter, and when I entered a new account, I can and am logged in normally. Please help me quickly. [01:36] my nick Baku1995pvp

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    Jest ktoś PL ?

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    Witam, mam problem z logowaniem. Gdy próbuję się zalogować wyskakuje mi okienko w którym piszę, że z powodu błędu w sieci odłączono mnie z serwera i nie mogę wejść a gdy wszedłem na nowe konto to normalnie mogę i normalnie jestem zalogowany. Proszę o szybką pomoc.

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    Werden Tickets eigentlich noch bearbeitet oder ist der Dienst bereits abgeschaltet?

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    mooin, ich bin gestern aus bog geflogen und komm seit dem nicht mehr ins spiel rein :o

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    any admins on that can help?

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    Hi guys, just wanted to say I'm about to finish installing the game, very glad this project exists and sad that I only realised it did today. This game is my childhood 2008-2014 memories and can't wait to meet you guys there:)

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    I got the same problem, tried to reinstall the game multiple times as well, didn't help.. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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    When i open the game and click on the connect button the game doesn't start. This happened after the new update of today

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    I can't register an account on After I type in my credentials, every button seems dead. Is the server still alive? How do I register and start playing?

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    where can i wrrite a post ?

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    after launching the game, about 5 seconds pass, the game freezes in the login menu and crashes me to the desktop what could it be? I tried with anti virus turned off and it's the same

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    i have problem with login to the game

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    ktos pl?

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    Does sign-up work? I can't register and there's no validation messages so I've got no clue what I need to do lol

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    SELL: chest veteran +20 and +19, conqueror knee +19, beast mask +18, veteran hand +18, beast shoes +18, dragon hunter xbow +20

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    Skrr Skrr in mein Audi

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