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Errorcode 0xc000007b when I try to start the client.


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  • Bes -

    Posted the thread Errorcode 0xc000007b when I try to start the client..

    Hello! I have installed Windows 10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook. I proceeded to download 4Ancient, first got the D3DX11_43.DLL missing error, pasted the file in the folder, worked. Now when I click on Connect in the launcher or when I try to open…
  • Hermaeus -

    Posted the thread buy 8int Jewels.

    Hello im lf 8 int jewels with low life, also with will is okey. Only important that they have 8int Send me a message here or ingame HermaeusMora
  • xXKrissEvilXx -

    Posted the thread NEW dungeon, Summer x anniversary event.

    Hello, is there some info about the new dungeon and anniversary x summer events?