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Just found out about this server. Need some guidance


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  • lRaidenN -

    Posted the thread Just found out about this server. Need some guidance.

    Hello, I've tried to search everywhere but I could not find the answers I'm looking for, so I'll post my questions here and hope for an answer: What are the rates for this server? Is there a good way to make gold by farming certain content? If so what…
  • Zerkerix -

    Replied to the thread Can't even go to the login screen.

    Thanks for the advice. Finally managed to get to the login screen. Did what you suggested TheHun. Many thanks.
  • Zerkerix -

    Liked TheHun’s post in the thread Can't even go to the login screen.

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    I had the exact same problem and what i did was: Right click the 4ancient icon and select troubleshoot compatibillity and run it as administrator. It worked for me hope it works for you too.
  • Amanesek009 -

    Posted the thread I can't start polish language pack.

    Run as administrator does not help , i have windows 10 pro
  • katastrosak -

    Replied to the thread I cant Login.

    Quote from ZaskoES: “Hello there, If any of you still having this error please contact us via ticket and we'll solve it. Kind regards ” I would love to get help so i could actually try to play on your servers. I get message about recieving an email…
  • reninxas -

    Liked ElynCZ’s post in the thread Eastermania.

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    Howdy valued community! The great feast of Eastermania has long been celebrated by all the Iberians. On this joyous day, it is customary for Gods to hide Easter Eggs over Iberia. From fairies to felines, and everyone in between - the feast of
  • SwiperDE -

    Replied to the thread kann nicht dem discord beitreten.

  • TheHun -

    Liked Machadao’s post in the thread Dung 75 help.

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    You can farm with ease with that equipment, and you can farm it all the way to lvl90 without problem.
  • TheHun -

    Replied to the thread Dung 75 help.

    Thanks a lot
  • Machadao -

    Liked Laerze’s post in the thread Evocator pet won't respond when the character is feared.

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    jsut make pet aggressive and click on the skills with mouse