Coming back to the server

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    • Coming back to the server

      Hi everyone,
      So life happened and made me take a step back from the server a while back.
      Now that nostalgia kicked in and that every single game company, that made the games that I loved became money hungry goblins, I decided it was time for me to come back to 4Ancient!

      So my first question is ; How "alive" or "dead" is the server? I see a bunch of doomsayers on reddit (as usual) that keep on saying 4Ancient is dead and P2W...
      I've checked and I don't see why? It's more populated than the live servers as far as I've seen.
      What about the community? Servers took a hit in 2022 I think, but how is it now?

      I'd love to donate a bit to keep the server alive, but kidna scared to do so if it's already doomed.

      Have a nice day fellow Iberians!