[Bug Report] Serval Bugs

  • [Bug Report] Serval Bugs

    Heres my 2nd report about ingame bugs.
    Note: Using the german language package

    1): Visual Bug on 2 Dungeon Pre-Quests.
    a): "Feurige Prophezeiung" get displayed as a Lv 69 Quest but it's a Lv 75 quest (cant be taken by Lv 74 or lower players, only by 75 or higher.)
    b): "Rückgabefrist abgelaufen" get displayed as an Lv 75 Quest but it's a Lv 69 quest (can be taken by Lv 69 or higher players.)

    2): Wrong Level on NPC:
    The NPC "Kämpfer der baraks have the Lv 9 with the HP of AN Lv 18~20 NPC. (Near NPCs are Lv 18~20.)

    3): Dungeon Instanz Lv 19:
    Not quite sure how to explain this issue since it's always been here but 1st issue is that you cant turn in the quest by the NPC and the 2nd quest isn't do able cause of an missing object.

    Battle.net: Flo#22907
    Discord: Mikrole#8952