Fps drops to 0 and game stops responding :)

    • Fps drops to 0 and game stops responding :)

      Hi , hope this is the right thread to post this issue ( I checked all other ones and I found this one the most fitting )

      I am playing on this server for a few weeks now and I never had this issue before. I recently started searching for mysterious treasure chests around the Iberia and I noticed this weird fps glitch happening. I can re-create it as many times as I want If I teleport from markut ( before leaving I have 30 + fps ) to ardir then chesed and walk all the way to blonea and then recall back to markut my fps is 7-9 , after that I go to yesode and my fps is 0-5 ( Also tried gebra castle which is just 0 and crash ) after that I teleport to Sarnis and my fps is 0 - 4story stops responding. If I wait for a bit the fps goes back up a little bit around 20-30 ( But it stutters a lot ;-; ) at sarnis but If I log out and reconnect my fps is back at 100 + while at sarnis. This has happend on different routes as well not that specific one I just happend to memorise this exact one. I have no idea what the issue might be :( maybe memory leak from the game? I scanned for malware / viruses , I unistalled the game and reinstalled , updated drivers and windows but the issue is still there ;-; It's sad because I really started to like the server and I don't want to quit because of this issue. My pc is more than enough to support the game. I can provide any info needed ^^

      Sorry for the long thread if you read it all here is a <3
    • Never mind I can recreate it WAYYYY sooner x'D. The moment I log in and I am at markut ( fps 30 + ) I teleport to dragonroad then use the home return which brings me back to markut ( fps 10-15 ) and I teleport to gebra castle the fps is 0 ( game stops responding for 5-8 secs ) and then it goes up to 10-15. But If the moment I login and I am at markut I teleport straight to gebra castle the fps is 100 x'D , I am going crazy ;( ;(