Remove Jirkus from the team please

    • Remove Jirkus from the team please


      i just came here to tell you that you are a selfish , egocentric dumbass ppl advised you , offered you help and u refused it all to make things by yourself , you cant deliver anything to this server , not even a fucking stream , i mean wtf its a fucking stream dude and u cant even do that are u kidding me ?!?!?!?!? everyone is saying for months and months that its better to release small patches weekly so you can deliver some content and fixes to this server and your workload decreases also but instead u want to make a big patch and make us wait another 5 months , get your shit together its been more than enough time , u clearly dont care at all about this server might aswell just leave the job to another person

      Aravi snack
      Fearu nuub
      Hunter 10-0 every class u idiot
      Kill willco he is afk eating chicken
      Araya u got a pet lama OH YEAH YEAH
      Hi my name is Pascal (sorry for bad English)…lmvgWA?view_as=subscriber