Who's that Pokémon II.?

    • Who's that Pokémon II.?

      So you want to become a Pokémon master?
      Well, before you begin your journey I have a task for you!

      I need you to guess which Pokémons are hiding in the following photos and to find these Pokémons in the wild! Don't forget to bring evidence that you really found them!

      How to participate:
      - Download the "Pokémons.rar" from ling below! To open the ".rar" file you need a program like WinRar.
      - In the zip archive you find 20 images that show different Pokémons ingame.
      - Create screenshots along with the Pokémons.
      - Pack it into a ".rar" or ".zip" archive with a program like WinRar.
      - Send us a mail to [email protected] with the archive attached to it and the title "[YOUR CHARACTER NAME] - Who is that Pokémon II.?" ! Example : [Elyn] - Who's that Pokémon II.?

      Link to download Pokemons.rar:

      Spooky Dusty Treasure: 40x
      Mystery Box- Costume Item: 5x

      Important to know:
      You will receive a reward only if you find all the Pokémons!
      Screenshots must include the following: The Pokémon you found and your character with a visible name.

      You can participate only once. If you try to cheat you will be disqualified!

      .rar converter:

      The chance to participate does end in:
      Thus I clothe my naked villainy
      With odd old ends stolen out of holy writ,
      And seem a saint, when most I play the Devil