Fix the honour system

    • Fix the honour system

      This experiment with the honour system was nice. But I think it failed.

      Of course I'm talking about the fact that you can get full 35-50 points for a lasthit even in a 7 men group.

      Let me list the advantages and the disadvantages of the current system:

      In theory it should encourage people to play together because there isn't real disadvantage of joining a group of weaker players if someone lasthits everything anyways.
      It makes priests, warriors, nighwalkers, evocators unable to compete in ranking. In the last 2 years about 10/200 of the top 8 monthly ranking were from all these classes. So about 95% of the top 8 was reached by archer/mage. And most of those 10 people were invi warriors.

      It damages PVP because nobody wants to do anything for the team, everyone just goes for last hits. Mages don't try to mass freeze the enemy team, archers don't try to debuff sacri.

      It encourages passive playstyles. A mage fears and slows 1 enemy and than everyone tries to do the lasthit on that enemy. Nobody wants to push, just lasthit on individual enemies.

      In reality it doesn't even encourage people to play together because of the ego factor and top players want to get the maximum amount of support for themselves. And people still favour playing with their guild than with randoms.

      To sum up the honour system should be reworked so that honour is evenly distributed between everyone in a group. The person who does the lasthit should get the same amount of honour as everyone else in the group.