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      Hey community,
      I´ve been thinking about it and came to the conclusion that new colors could be a pretty cool thing. Obviously those colors would need to be very hard to get to make them more special and rare. I´m talking about colors with effects. Like the derion dagger which leaves some glow behind when you walk. or maybe a color that surrounds one with some sort of fog, not to intense though so you can still see the character. My idea is not just a color but a combination of color and effect.
      Or even a combination of existing colors, e.g. stormblue and with lightning could be pretty badass.
      Or red lightning would be cool as well.

      Those are just some ideas, idk if its even possible to make them. Just thought it might be pretty cool and wanted to share with you guys.

      Let me know what you think! :D


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    • So people have beeen saying, it´s not what we need right now or that there are other things that should be done first and yeah I agree, there are more important things.

      But this doesn´t has to be done now, it´s just an idea. Maybe something they can do towards new year or even later.
      And yeah its an old school server but adding a whole new map? thats not old school. I´m not against that btw its pretty cool and I bet its gonna be fun but yeah some changes or even whole new things can enrich the game and make it more fun to play. It certanly doesn´t hurt anyone.

      So please if you disagree and vote for No, write also a comment why you think its a bad idea, I really like to know what people think.