Changes in payment methods

  • Howdy valued community!

    The manual PaySafeCard method has been reworked and works now as following:

    1. First you have to choose the amount you're willing to donate in the dropdownmenu.

    2. Then scroll a bit and now you'll find a textfield where you have to enter your codes. You can also add comments. Make sure you make no mistakes when you enter your code.

    3. Now recheck the codes and the amount choosen in the drop down. If everything is correct and you want to proceed click the button "Proceed".

    4. Done. Now you have to wait up to 72 hours to receive your moonstones.


    1. We can not accept greek paysafecards (Due to country regulations)

    2. If you're paying with a PaySafeCard with another currency than EUR on it we automatically calculate it to EUR and select the biggest possible amount possible.

    Example: You pay with a czk psc we calculate it to EUR. Output is 11,63EUR.

    We now give you the following amount of moonstones:

    10EUR : 600MS

    1EUR : 50MS

    1x half of 1EUR : 25MS

    = 675MS

    If you only want that we take 10EUR from it you can add as comment in the codebox.

    Kind Regards
  • Howdy valued community!

    We removed the option to donate via PaySafeCard.
    All pending transactions will be done in the next 24 hours.
    After that, we're not accepting PaySafeCards anymore.

    All the disabled donation methods will find their way back in near future but then in an automatic mode like earlier.

    PayPal is still available and for now the only donation method.

    Kind Regards,
    your 4Ancient team