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  • Launcher Connect grey'd out or program outdated login message: Download the attached…4c430158974aa4a0b6675e652, doubleclick it and click "Yes" multiple times when prompted. OR, you can do the manual way: Go into regedit, search for „4ancient“, then go into the „PB“ folder and you should see an IP in there, change it to „“. dy63tOm.png

  • How to : Change language

    AncientCompiler - - Game


    Quote from ratibor: “Hello everyone, I have such a question, does the Russification of the game client for Russian-speaking players wake up? ” We are looking for translators

  • Howdy valued community, we now have Trello to streamline developer to community communication. Here we list what we are working on and things we consider but still need discussion. If you own a Trello account, you can participate in the conversation with our developers by commenting on the Trello cards. You can find the links to the Trello boards here: (Hidden Content) We hope this improves the relationship between our players and developers. Please take into account that the data is still incom…

  • Howdy, fellow player! In response to the demand, we announce the start of a new realm targeted for the USA. The server has a better route for our fellow players from the west. All the configurations (except server time) are the same as on our European counterpart. Location: NA (North America) Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time (UTC -6)) Now get your calendar and mark Monday of January the 25th at 5 PM CST, where the gates will open! Can items be transferred between servers? No. To give everyon…

  • Howdy valued community! All installers have been reworked and can be downloaded here. The new language installers now contain translated sound-sequences (NPCs, etc.). The default language is now English. If you have already installed the game and need the translated sounds-files, you can download and install the language pack again. Also, every new installation is packed with the new launcher. nnyQY Alternatively, you can download and install the launcher here. With kind regards, your 4Ancient T…

  • Howdy valued community! Patch 1.8.1 is out! This time we come around the corner with a patch that will fulfill many of your wishes. This patch was created purely from feedback from the community. We thank everyone in the community who have been loyal to us for such a long time. Another patch is planned for Friday the 25.10.2019 which brings a lot of great stuff with it. Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team

  • New Project Leader

    AncientCompiler - - News and Updates


    Howdy valued community! The time has come to announce the decision of the team and the administration. This has already been planned for half a year and is now being carried out. Due to the number of projects AncientCompiler is involved in, he doesn't have the time to continue 4Ancient anymore. So he gives up his role as Super Game Administrator. The role and management of the project will be handed over to Jirkus. He is a well-known face of the scene and will give this community the love it des…

  • Howdy valued community! The transfer from Valorian --> Derion is open! The minimum requirements to be transferred are a Level 90 character and daily war activity. Also you're not allowed to be in the monthly top 10 ranking. How to request a transfer? - Leave Guild (with all characters on the account) - Abort all active quests (with all characters on the account) - Contact us via Ticket or via Discord at AncientCompiler#1337 Notices - All characters on the account get transferred - Only a limited…

  • Some things

    AncientCompiler - - Feedback


    I'd love to discuss that with you because I think we're doing great treating everyone the same according to the rule-set and our punishment guidelines. If I am mistaken in any case, I'd like to know it to take measures to solve any injustice.

  • Some things

    AncientCompiler - - Feedback


    Hello David. We're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by the nonfunctional upgrade event on the 22.09.2019. Our event manager already announced the date where we repeat the event + a giveaway as excuse. (Hidden Content) We're banning accordingly to our rule-set. So if someone got banned, it was by doing some rule-breaking. There are no different occurring where players were banned. All our bans are backed up with a reason and proofs. Also, GMs can't unban, so if someone was unbanned, it wa…

  • Howdy valued community! nX8Xa The automatic mode for PaySafeCard is back! You can now pay via PaySafeCard and receive your moonstones instantly! Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team

  • Howdy valued community! nX8Xa The manual mode for PaySafeCard is back! Details: Changes in payment methods Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team

  • +30% more moonstones

    AncientCompiler - - Event History


    Howdy valued community! To celebrate the birthday of 4Ancient accordingly, you now receive +30% more moonstones with each donation. (The additional moonstones are already in the displayed amount). The event is active from 12.09.2019 - 20.09.2019. Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team

  • cSkRY Howdy valued community! Patch 1.8 is out & 3rd-anniversary events are active. Please read on. It's been three years now since we opened our gates, and since that date, we went through various difficulties! But you, our community, always got our back. We can't put this into words how much we appreciate your loyalty. dWDId It's unbelievable what we archived together. - Nearly 50.000 registered users. - More than 2 million item-stacks exist. - Over 9000 tickets solved. - More than 100.000 ch…

  • Howdy valued community! It is about that time again where we thank you for your loyalty. This time we come with a patch that should restore the game fun by deploying long-awaited bugfixes. These changes were complicated to implement because we had to adapt large parts of the skill system. Plus, we didn't want to change the feel of the old system, and we wanted to keep the skill-hack protection intact. We are very thankful for all the patience our community had. Patchnotes Kind Regards, your 4Anc…

  • [SPONSORED] Howdy valued community! Pixeltropia is celebrating the opening of their project and have some neat event active which advantage your start on Pixeltropia and offer you free Moonstones on 4Ancient. You now have the unique chance to earn up to 50€ FREE Moonstones on 4Ancient and 50€ FREE Gems on Pixeltropia by playing Minecraft. GEMS on Pixeltropia can be used to purchase fantastic cosmetics, pets, and V.I.P, which offer you many advantages. All you have to do is to play Pixeltropia an…

  • Howdy valued community! Due to hardware failures that required on-site technician intervention, the server was offline for over 24 hours. We profoundly apologize for any inconvenience! We hope the following giveaways between the 13.08.2019 and 16.08.2019 will make up for the lost time. 13.08.2019 18:00 - 16.08.2019 24:00 - Every even hour all players online receive 50 Moonstones - Every uneven hour all players online receive 100 Bonuspoints Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team

  • Howdy valued community! Yesterday at 13:18 (CEST) the machine where we host the login/relay/patch & some control services on lost internet connection. By this many problems occurred such as lags(because the relay was offline), login problems (because the login had a communication problem with the database) and several more. We want to apologize for the long waiting time until the situation was cleared up with the maintenance today. The long waiting time was caused by the fact that the only perso…

  • Howdy valued Community! The gates of 4Ancient are open again! The servers have been migrated and new load balancers have been added. Kind regards, your 4Ancient Team

  • Howdy valued Community! Maintenance work is planned for 24:00(servertime). In this maintenance work the servers will be migrated to new machines and new load balancers will be added. The maintenance work can take several hours, the exact duration cannot be predicted. Kind Regards, your 4Ancient team