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  • There's a lot of possibilities and I'm also open for suggestions. Something that comes in mind: * the gold sack gets removed altogether * the gold sack is dropped on the ground - lootable for the next 30 seconds * the player recieves XY gold instantly

  • Hey! here's the promised content suggestion. I hope you like it, leave your comments

  • Shellfish's Farewell

    Shellfish - - Tavern


    Long has it been, my friends! Today marks the end of a rich and fulfilling era for me. I joined the game roughly 2 years ago when I was still actively playing. I had my own little warrior, strived through the world, had ambitions and dreams. When I joined the team as a GM I was motivated, full of ideas and had the goal of bringing this game to the next level. Throughout my journey, the game had its ups and downs. And how do you put it, real love shows when things are not going well. When the ser…

  • Real world trading

    Shellfish - - Tavern


    I just want to reiterate that we do not allow real world trading at all. Real World Trading is introducing a Pay2Win mechanic into the game which we condemn. When 4Ancient was founded we had a clear vision: To create an oldschool 4Story Server that does not have any Pay2Win aspects. We all know the way the official 4Story servers were run. All the upgrade items were in the cash shop and thus, making moms credit card the only viable route to good gear. By real world trading you are not only hurti…

  • *Icons Update and Stack Update

    Shellfish - - Feedback


    Hey guys, we will definitely implement icons for more clarity. We are on our final tweaks for the next, small patch. Please consider that the patch will not be released during the week as we all have real life obligations. (You can also use smaller fonts, we always encourage you to share your ideas - no matter the colour and size of your posts) Kind regards, [TM] Shellfish

  • Hey, Sunday late night means it starts Sunday night. It may take till Monday early morning.

  • Hey! We want to let you know that we take your concerns serious. Voicing your opinion and being upset about changes is perfectly fine! It shows us your involvement and passion for the server. That said, we are currently working on these issues! A game is unplayable with low FPS and lags and it is most certainly in our interest to fix this in the long run. Please keep in mind that we always have to find a different solution than new school servers; meaning it is more time intense. We always welco…

  • There has to be a point at which we work together. I know it is simply irresistible to look at issues from one perspective, but in the greater scheme we are facing a plethora of issues. Balance will only work if the community works hand in hand with us. If players were to come forward, telling us that 2-3 people will switch without a transfer, we would be able to factor those numbers in. If transfers are constantly accompanied by „sneaky“ side switchers, we will never be able to create a long-la…

  • Hey, thanks for your concerns, We are already on this case; the bow will be improved significantly in the near future. Kind regards, [TM] Shellfish

  • Two Year Anniversary

    Shellfish - - Event History


    Happy Birthday! My name is [TM]ShellfishV and I'm from Valorian.

  • Shellfishs' Summer Event

    Shellfish - - Event History


    The rewards have been sent out. With that, our summer event concludes. ____ The following players had a full mailbox: IBimseinKrieger Aspira Please empty your mailbox and send me a forum message for your rewards. The following players had a name change: JapanerJumper RentnerResu Asuka evtldmanan DanutuVostru Note: If you tried to take advantage of our generosity, you did not recieve a reward.

  • The items have been distributed. Moonstones and Bonuspoints were added directly, the other items are in your cash deposit. Please note: only the members from your original application have recieved the rewards

  • The tournament has concluded. Team CSTM has prevailed and can henceforth call themself the best 3v3 team. The rewards will be sent out by the end of the day.

  • Losers Round 2 is at 21:00 I hope Fallendy still makes it :)!

  • Schedule updated - good luck to all participants

  • If both teams agree, the first match of Round 2 can be held at 19:30. (So they can theoretically make it to TW)

  • Team Lazaroo forfeited their match.

  • Yes, as Naerra said. This was unavoidable, as we only have 6 participating teams. We would have needed 8 teams for everyone to play in round 1. Kind regards, [TM] Shellfish

  • The team in the winner bracket has an advantage. A two track bracket system works as follows: Every team has 1 chance to lose. If you lose in an earlier round, you fall down to the losers bracket. If your first loss is in the final, then a second series starts. WywbMfw.png This is the same system as in many other big titles, for example Super Smash Bros Meele League of Legends (smaller tournaments)

  • Hello mighty adventurers, 18 brave 4Ancient players have registered to compete for glory and honor. The bracket has been randomly generated, due to us being 6 Teams (and not 8), 2 Teams have a free pass in the first round. This is compensated by the 'Loser Bracket' and our custom reward system. The battles will start on the 9th of August. Our staff members will organise the matches. You are allowed to use every fair game mechanic. Battles will be held in a Best of 3 series. Win 2 matches against…