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  • PVP Claws

    BlackCat - - Bugreport


    Chakrams are displayed incorrectly - especially pvp. While on mount, or while rotate human female character using A/D keys. Can this be fixed? It's annoying.

  • If someone had indigrents in form of opted items, which were also lost - can they be refunded?

  • Trade +21 PvP claws + more

    BlackCat - - Marketplace


    I want to trade following items: - Derion type PVP Claws +21, 40/10/11 - Derion type non-pvp 1hand sword +19, 30/10/11 - Derion type non-pvp dagger +19, 8/10/11 for +22 non-pvp dagger and 1handed sword. Offers

  • I suggest to take look at: Invisibility system And fix Judgement Blade (Derion PVP claws) graphics bug - hiding claws after mount of click B.

  • Invisibility system

    BlackCat - - Feedback


    I'd like to suggest to change invisibility system. Here we go: - Now a player with a proper buff (sense invisible players - warriors and assassins) can see invisible enemy as far as they can see horizon. It means an assassin cannot use his invisibility to sneak around, escape or approach enemy, because enemies can see him from 34543 kilometers. Thus a nightwalker cannot make use of his biggest advantage and feature - being stealth, observe enemies and being hard to caught. I suggest to lower the…