Chat transparency, slightly more fps and other improvements

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Description Howdy valued community!

With this little addon to 1.7.8 following things changed:
- The Chat Transparency is now active, you can disable it in the settings.
* Old messages in chatwindows are slowly turning transparent
* New messages have no transparency
* When you hover with your mouse in the textwindow everything will light up
- A performance boost of up to 5% should now be noticeable
* Weak computer should now have less problems
* If not try to cap the fps again in the settings ESC->"GAME"-> Tick "Cap FPS to 65"
** This will activate the old render procedure and might help
- The rules for the "macro protection" have been adjusted. False messages should now be significantly reduced.
* Note however that this is still in the test phase and will take time and feedback on the way to perfection.
- The crash when hovering above the slot overview in the cashcabinet has been fixed

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Mount and Companion Invisibility +2
Modernizing- Base for 1.8, Unlimited FPS +2