Modernizing- Base for 1.8, Unlimited FPS

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Description Howdy valued community!

This patch includes a new memory management and many other core changes which are a base for patch 1.8.

- Support for Windows 7 is back
- FPS now unlimited (Earlier : Capped at 65)
- The Speedbug has been fixed
- You can hide Tournament/Arena/Duel Audience in the Settings (the chat transparency is just a place holder)
- A new feature has been added to punish macro players with an inbuilt system.
* This is on a trial basis and needs to be tested and configured. We hope for feedback

- The whole game has been refactored to nowadays standards
- A new memory management system makes the client more stable and easier to extend for us
- Some Windows have been recoded fully
- Many many more improvements, thousands of lines, which will be the base for patch 1.8.

This patch is mostly only for testing purpose to check stability and find problems early.

Kind Regards

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Mount and Companion Invisibility +2
Chat transparency, slightly more fps and other improvements +1